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The founder Apo started as a teenaged, enthusiastic mechanic. In Taiwanese, this occupation is called “Black Hand”, literally. Apo embraced greasy and dirty as part of his life elements.

The other founder, Jenny, always looks out for customers’ best interest and treats customers as one of our own. Our solid sales foundation is built by genuine, heart winning “Jenny Style”.

Entering its fourth decade, the 100% family-owned company is led by the second generation carrying forward the founding spirit. Our belief is that the best tool should be simple to understand and easy to use.

Bikeservice works closely with mechanics and professional riders in an effort to develop satisfactory tools. With the aim of meeting the needs of professional mechanics or skilled amateurs, we design and produce simple and durable tools with stringent quality.

Core Value

Core Value

ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

Green Factory

The green factory label is a voluntary label. The Bureau of Industry hopes to guide the sustainable development of the industry through the promotion and integration of the label system. The industry can also use the application of this label to comprehensively review the production quality of the factory, grasp the direction of continuous improvement in the future, and create a green market.